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Marten trucks are a popular option for people who need heavy-duty transportation. These trucks are known for their durability and versatility, making them an ideal choice for a variety of different industries. Whether you need to haul construction materials, transport large pieces of equipment, or move household goods, a marten truck can get the job done. So if you’re looking for a reliable and efficient way to transport goods, then a marten truck might be just what you need.

What are Marten Trucks?

Marten Trucks

Marten trucks are used in the transportation industry for hauling dry van freight. They are a type of semi-truck that is equipped with a sleeper cab, allowing the driver to rest on long hauls. These trucks are known for their reliability, fuel efficiency, and driver comfort.

The Benefits of Using Marten Trucks

Benefits of Marten Trucks

There are several benefits to using Marten Trucks, which include:

  • Reliability: Marten Trucks are known for their dependability, which makes them an ideal option for businesses that require reliable transportation.
  • Fuel Efficiency: These trucks are designed to be fuel-efficient, which can help businesses save on fuel costs in the long run.
  • Driver Comfort: Marten Trucks have a spacious sleeper cab, which allows the driver to rest comfortably during long trips.
  • Safety: These trucks are designed with safety in mind, featuring advanced safety systems to help prevent accidents on the road.

The Different Types of Marten Trucks

Types of Marten Trucks

Marten Trucks come in a variety of models, each of which is designed to meet different transportation needs. Some of the most common types of Marten Trucks include:

  • Standard Straight Trucks: These trucks are the most common type of Marten Truck and are typically used for local deliveries.
  • Daycab Tractors: These trucks are designed to be lightweight and fuel-efficient, making them a popular option for short hauls.
  • Sleeper Tractors: These trucks have a spacious sleeper cab for long hauls and are known for their driver comfort.

The Marten Trucks Fleet

Marten Trucks Fleet

Marten Trucks has a large fleet of trucks, which includes various models and sizes to meet the needs of its customers. The fleet includes over 3,500 trucks and 7,500 trailers, making it one of the largest in the transportation industry.

The History of Marten Transport

History of Marten Transport

Marten Transport was founded in 1946 by Roger Marten, who began his transportation career with a single truck. Today, the company has grown into a leading transportation provider, known for its reliable service and advanced technology.

Marten Trucks Careers

Marten Trucks Careers

Working for Marten Trucks can be a rewarding career, with opportunities for growth and advancement. The company offers competitive pay, benefits, and a variety of positions, including driver, mechanic, and office staff.

How to Become a Marten Truck Driver

Become a Marten Truck Driver

Becoming a Marten Truck driver requires a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) and a good driving record. The company provides training for new drivers and offers competitive pay and benefits.

Technology Used by Marten Trucks

Technology Used by Marten Trucks

Marten Trucks uses advanced technology to improve its transportation operations. This includes GPS tracking systems, electronic logging devices (ELDs), and advanced safety systems.

Marten Trucks Sustainability Efforts

Marten Trucks Sustainability Efforts

Marten Trucks is committed to sustainability and reducing its environmental impact. The company uses fuel-efficient trucks and implements sustainable practices in its operations, such as recycling and energy conservation.


Marten Trucks is a leading transportation provider known for its reliability, driver comfort, and advanced technology. With a large fleet of trucks and a variety of models to choose from, Marten Trucks is equipped to meet the transportation needs of businesses of all sizes.

Marten Trucks: A Comprehensive Review

In recent years, the transportation industry has seen an improvement in the quality and design of trucks. One of the most recent additions to the transportation industry is the Marten truck. Marten trucks are modern, sleek, and provide drivers with a comfortable travel experience. In this article, we will take a closer look at the features of Marten trucks and reveal why they are a preferred option in the transportation industry.

The MARTEN Truck Design

The Marten truck is designed to provide maximum comfort and efficiency to drivers. Its design focuses on the driver’s comfort and safety, as well as the protection of cargo. It has an aerodynamic design that ensures fuel efficiency and reduces air resistance. Marten trucks are available in various sizes, which make them suitable for different types of cargo. They are equipped with the latest technology, which makes driving easier and more efficient.

Marten Truck Engines

Marten trucks are available in different engine sizes, ranging from 400 to 600 horsepower. These engines are designed to provide maximum power and efficiency. They are also fuel-efficient, which helps reduce the cost of running the truck. Marten trucks are equipped with automatic transmissions, which makes driving much easier and comfortable.

Cargo Protection

Marten trucks are designed to ensure the safety and protection of cargo. They have temperature-controlled cargo spaces, which are suitable for transporting perishable goods. They are also equipped with air ride suspensions, which minimize the impact of bumps on the road. This ensures that the cargo arrives at its destination in good condition.

Driver safety

Marten trucks are designed to ensure maximum driver safety. They are equipped with advanced safety features such as airbags, anti-lock brakes, and traction control. They also have comfortable seats that are designed to reduce driver fatigue, which enhances safety on the road. Additionally, Marten trucks have automated features such as lane departure warning, forward collision detection, and adaptive cruise control. These features ensure that the driver is aware of their surroundings and reduces the risk of accidents.

Marten Truck Interior Design

Marten trucks have a modern and sleek interior design. They have comfortable seats that are designed to reduce driver fatigue. The cabins are spacious and equipped with modern amenities such as refrigerators, microwaves, and TVs. This ensures that drivers are comfortable during long journeys.

The Cost of running a MARTEN Truck

The cost of running a Marten truck is relatively low compared to other trucks in the transportation industry. This is due to the fuel efficiency of its engines, which reduces the amount of fuel consumed. These trucks are also equipped with features that ensure the safety of the driver and cargo, which reduces the risk of accidents.

Marten Truck Maintenance

Marten trucks are designed in a way that makes maintenance easy. They require regular servicing to ensure that they are functioning correctly. These trucks have low maintenance costs compared to other trucks in the transportation industry. This helps to reduce the overall cost of operating the truck.

Marten Trucks and the Environment

Marten trucks are designed with the environment in mind. They have low emissions, which make them environmentally friendly. The fuel efficiency of these trucks also helps to reduce carbon emissions into the environment.


Marten trucks are an excellent addition to the transportation industry. They are designed to ensure maximum efficiency, comfort, and safety for drivers. The cargo spaces are also designed to ensure that cargo arrives at its destination in good condition. Marten trucks are environmentally friendly and cost-efficient, making them a preferred option in the transportation industry.

Features of Marten Trucks

When investing in a truck, you need to consider various factors concerning the truck’s features. Marten trucks are designed to be versatile, durable, and functional, with several features that make them stand out from other trucks in the market. Here are some of the most notable features of Marten trucks:

1. Aerodynamics

Marten trucks are designed with aerodynamics in mind. This design allows for better fuel efficiency, which translates to lower fuel costs. The sleek design of the cab reduces wind resistance, thereby reducing drag, resulting in better gas mileage. With the increasing fuel costs, saving fuel means saving money, which is a big benefit for any trucking business.

2. Safety features

Marten trucks are equipped with various safety features designed to protect both the driver and cargo. Some of the safety features include collision avoidance systems, blind spot detection systems, anti-lock braking systems, and stability control systems. The collision avoidance and blind spot detection systems are particularly useful in preventing accidents, while the anti-lock braking systems and stability control systems ensure that the truck is always under control in different driving conditions.

3. Reliable engine

The engine is the heart of any truck, and Marten trucks boast of some of the best engines in the industry. The engines are designed to deliver maximum power, torque, and efficiency, making them ideal for long-haul transportation. The engines are also reliable, ensuring minimal downtime and maintenance costs.

4. Comfortable interior

Long haul drivers spend a considerable amount of time in their trucks; therefore, the interior of the truck must be comfortable and functional. Marten trucks have comfortable seats, spacious cabins, and ergonomic controls. The seats are designed to minimize fatigue, while the cabin is designed to provide ample storage space for personal items, clothing, and other equipment.

5. Advanced technology

Marten trucks are equipped with advanced technology that enhances their performance, safety, and efficiency. Some of the technology features include GPS tracking, tire pressure monitoring systems, remote diagnostics, and fuel efficiency monitoring systems. This technology ensures that the truck is always in top condition, reducing downtime and maintenance costs significantly.

Features Benefits
Aerodynamics Better fuel efficiency and cost savings
Safety features Protects both the driver and cargo
Reliable engine Minimal downtime and maintenance costs
Comfortable interior Minimizes driver fatigue and provides ample storage space
Advanced technology Enhances performance, safety, and efficiency

In conclusion, Marten trucks are designed with features that combine safety, efficiency, and functionality. The trucks offer excellent performance, making them ideal for long-haul transportation. Investing in Marten trucks is a wise decision that can propel your trucking business to success. With their aerodynamics, safety features, reliable engines, comfortable interior, and advanced technology, you get a truck that will keep you moving forward.

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