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If you’re looking for a way to streamline your trucking business, then ProTransport may be the answer you’re looking for. ProTransport is a trucking software that makes it easier to manage your fleet, dispatch drivers, and track deliveries. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, ProTransport can help you run your business more efficiently and effectively. Whether you’re a small trucking company or a large transportation enterprise, ProTransport can help you save time and money while keeping your fleet running smoothly.

1. What is ProTransport Trucking Software?

ProTransport is a web-based transportation management system (TMS) designed specifically for the trucking industry. The software is designed to streamline operations and enhance productivity by automating various tasks, including dispatching, invoicing, and reporting. With ProTransport, trucking companies can manage their fleet more efficiently and effectively, resulting in reduced costs and increased profits.

ProTransport Trucking Software

2. Features and Benefits of ProTransport Trucking Software

The ProTransport trucking software is packed with features and benefits that can help trucking companies operate more efficiently. Here are some of the features and benefits:


ProTransport offers a robust dispatching module that allows users to manage their fleet of trucks more efficiently. The module allows dispatchers to assign loads to drivers, track the status of deliveries, and communicate with drivers electronically. This feature helps reduce wait times, improve load accuracy, and enhance customer satisfaction.

ProTransport Dispatching


ProTransport automates the invoicing process, helping trucking companies to generate invoices quickly and accurately. The software captures all the relevant information, including load details, billing rates, and payment terms. With ProTransport, trucking companies can reduce the time it takes to generate invoices, improve billing accuracy, and get paid faster.

ProTransport Invoicing


ProTransport provides robust reporting capabilities that allow users to analyze data and make informed decisions. The software generates various reports, including fleet utilization reports, profitability reports, and load history reports. With ProTransport, trucking companies can track performance, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions.

ProTransport Reporting

GPS Tracking

ProTransport integrates with GPS tracking devices, allowing users to track their trucks in real-time. The feature helps trucking companies to manage their fleet more efficiently by providing real-time information on truck locations, travel times, and delivery statuses. This feature also helps companies to optimize their routes, reduce fuel costs, and improve on-time delivery.

ProTransport GPS Tracking

Document Management

ProTransport enables users to store and manage all their documents electronically. The software provides a centralized repository where users can store all their important documents, including bills of lading, invoices, and contracts. The feature helps trucking companies to improve document accessibility, reduce paperwork, and enhance information security.

ProTransport Document Management

Mobile App

ProTransport offers a mobile app that enables drivers to access load information, view schedules, and communicate with dispatchers. The app is easy to use, and it provides drivers with the information they need to get the job done more efficiently. The feature helps trucking companies to improve driver satisfaction, reduce communication errors, and enhance load accuracy.

ProTransport Mobile App

Customer Portal

ProTransport provides a customer portal that allows customers to view load information, track shipments, and communicate with carriers. The portal is designed to enhance customer satisfaction by providing customers with real-time information on their shipments. The feature also helps trucking companies to improve customer communications, increase customer loyalty, and enhance their reputation.

ProTransport Customer Portal


ProTransport integrates with various third-party systems, including accounting software, fuel cards, and electronic logging devices (ELDs). The integration helps improve workflow, reduce manual data entry, and enhance data accuracy. ProTransport also offers an open API, which allows users to integrate the software with their existing systems.

ProTransport Integration

Compliance Support

ProTransport helps trucking companies to stay compliant with various regulations, including Hours of Service (HOS) rules and International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) reporting. The software generates reports and alerts to help users stay on top of compliance requirements. The feature helps trucking companies to avoid fines, reduce risks, and enhance safety.

ProTransport Compliance Support


ProTransport offers a high degree of customization, allowing users to tailor the software to their specific needs. The software provides various customization options, including custom fields, user-defined reports, and personalized dashboards. The feature helps trucking companies to improve workflow, reduce clutter, and enhance usability.

ProTransport Customization

How Does ProTransport Trucking Software Work?

ProTransport is a comprehensive trucking software that automates and streamlines each aspect of the trucking business. It is a cloud-based platform that allows users to access their data and freight management information from anywhere, at any time. The software is a complete solution for managing dispatching, invoicing, accounting, safety, and maintenance, as well as driver & carrier management.

Dispatching management:

ProTransport enables dispatchers to dispatch loads and drivers, communicate with drivers through the system, and get real-time feedback on a driver’s status and location. Dispatchers can also track trucks and loads in real-time with the GPS and mapping features. The software also allows for asset tracking, trip planning, and route optimization.

Dispatch Management in ProTransport Trucking Software

Invoicing management:

The ProTransport software automates invoicing and billing processes and allows administrators to customize billing rates and record payments. The billing cycle can easily be adjusted and can be set up to accommodate individual customer requirements. The invoice creation process is easy and seamless with the ProTransport software.

Invoicing Management in ProTransport Trucking Software

Accounting management:

ProTransport’s integrated accounting system offers real-time bookkeeping features such as managing accounts payable, developing financial statements, and keeping track of expenses. The software also helps manage general ledger accounts, payroll records, and much more. With ProTransport, trucking companies can close their books faster and in a more organized way.

Accounting Management in ProTransport Trucking Software

Safety and compliance management:

The ProTransport software helps trucking companies stay compliant with safety regulations by providing real-time access to Electronic Logging Device (ELD) data, automatically monitoring Hours of Service (HOS), and managing Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIRs). The software also provides a real-time driver scorecard that tracks driver behavior and allows managers to identify and correct safety problems before they escalate.

Safety Management in ProTransport Trucking Software

Maintenance management:

The ProTransport software provides maintenance scheduling, tire management, and industry-specific alerts, among other features. It allows managers to schedule preventative maintenance, track maintenance history, and create action items for mechanics. The software will also automatically generate maintenance oversight requests for routine truck inspections, helping ensure that your fleet stays in compliance and good condition.

Maintenance Management in ProTransport Trucking Software

Driver management:

The ProTransport software tracks all aspects of driver performance, including driver compliance with safety regulations, driver performance reviews, and driver pay rates. The software integrates all driver information to provide a comprehensive record of each employee’s performance and qualifications. Managers can easily monitor carrier driver assignments, driver activity, and payroll processing through the ProTransport software.

Driver Management in ProTransport Trucking Software

Carrier management:

The software offers complete carrier management features in a single platform, helping managers manage carrier relationships, build rate matrices, and automate carrier payments. Users can track carrier sales, carrier volume, and manage details for all areas of operations, from rate quotes and contracts to tracking shipments and handling customer service issues.

Carrier Management in ProTransport Trucking Software

Document management:

ProTransport provides document management features that allow users to store and manage all types of documents, from insurance certificates to lease agreements. ProTransport can also manage form sets and build custom document templates to integrate data from its other features such as dispatch and invoicing. The software makes it easy to find any document quickly and helps users stay organized and compliant.

Document Management in ProTransport Trucking Software

Reporting and analytics:

The software offers deep reporting and analytics to help identify trends in the business and provide valuable insight into critical areas such as revenue, costs, and profitability. The software can provide custom reports, dashboards, and KPIs, and provides a centralized way to identify the metrics that matter most to the business.

Reporting and Analytics in ProTransport Trucking Software

Integration and API:

ProTransport software is highly customizable, with open APIs that allow trucking business owners to integrate their existing systems effortlessly. The software is designed to integrate with popular third-party applications like Quickbooks and Salesforce, trucks GPS such as Geotab, and other enterprise suite software packages associated with the trucking industry. The software provides users with the flexibility to customize their workflows and automate redundant tasks within the systems they already have in place.

Integration and API in ProTransport Trucking Software

Benefits of ProTransport Trucking Software

The ProTransport Trucking Software has been designed with the trucking industry in mind. It is a user-friendly technology that enables companies to increase efficiency, productivity and reduce operational costs. Here are some of the benefits of ProTransport trucking software:

Real-time Tracking

The software provides real-time tracking of trucks and equipment, enabling dispatchers to monitor the progress of their shipments and proactively manage potential issues. With this feature, you can quickly identify where your assets are located and efficiently allocate resources to the correct job site. This real-time visibility ensures you are providing accurate delivery times to your customers, resulting in improved customer satisfaction.

real-time tracking

Automated Dispatching & Scheduling

ProTransport trucking software automates dispatching and scheduling, freeing up more time for dispatchers to focus on other aspects of their job. With this software, dispatchers can create, assign and dispatch jobs in seconds, saving valuable time and improving communication with drivers on the road. Automated dispatching also improves the accuracy of job assignments, resulting in less errors of double booking or missed appointment.

Automated Dispatching

Invoice Management

With ProTransport trucking software, generating accurate and timely invoices is simple. The software provides an easy-to-use invoice management feature that allows you to create invoices, track payments, and reconcile accounts receivable. This feature will eliminate errors, save time and make invoicing a seamless process for both you and your customers.

Benefit Description
Real-time Tracking Provides real-time tracking of trucks and equipment
Automated Dispatching & Scheduling Automates dispatching and scheduling, freeing up more time for dispatchers to focus on other aspects of their job
Invoice Management Generates accurate and timely invoices and tracks payments

Driver Management

The driver management feature allows you to easily manage your drivers’ schedules and payroll. You can use it to track driver hours, create driver manifests, and calculate driver pay. With this feature, you can also monitor driver safety and establish coachable events such as driver speed, hard brake and other dangerous or costly driving behavior to ensure drivers are adhering to compliance rules.

Driver Management

Fleet Maintenance

Fleet maintenance management is one of the most critical aspects of any trucking company. With ProTransport trucking software, you can keep inventory of your fleet, schedule and track preventative maintenance, log any work hours, and automate repair requests. Fleet maintenance not only ensures the safety of your drivers and customers, but also the longevity of your vehicles.

Fleet Maintenance

In conclusion, the ProTransport trucking software is a cost-effective, user-friendly software designed to streamline the operational processes of trucking companies. It is a complete solution that optimizes dispatching, scheduling, invoicing, driver and fleet management and so much more. Investing in this software will increase your efficiency, reduce operational costs, ultimately making your business more profitable.

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