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Have you ever wanted to rent a U-Haul trailer, but got overwhelmed by all the pricing options? Well, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. In this article, we will break down U-Haul’s trailer rental pricing in simple terms, so you can know exactly what to expect and avoid any surprises. Whether you’re moving across the country or just need to haul some items locally, understanding U-Haul’s trailer rental options will make your experience stress-free and affordable. So let’s get started!

1. U-Haul Trailer Rental Pricing: Overview

U-Haul is one of the most popular trailer rental companies in the United States. If you’re planning a move or a DIY project that requires hauling equipment or heavy loads, U-Haul has various trailer rental options to help you transport your goods. Before renting a trailer, it’s important to understand the pricing structure so you can choose the best option for your needs.

2. U-Haul Trailer Rental Rates

U-Haul offers a range of rental rates for their trailers, depending on the size, type, and location of the rental. The rate for a U-Haul trailer rental typically starts at $19.95 per day for a small trailer, with additional fees and charges depending on mileage and other factors.

3. U-Haul Trailer Sizes and Types

U-Haul offers a variety of trailer sizes and types to suit your needs. These include cargo trailers, utility trailers, motorcycle trailers, and car trailers. The size of the trailer you need will depend on the amount and type of goods you need to transport.

4. U-Haul Cargo Trailers

Cargo trailers are one of the most popular trailer rental options from U-Haul. These trailers come in a range of sizes, from 4×8 to 6×12 feet, and can hold up to 2,500 pounds of cargo. Cargo trailers are perfect for transporting furniture, appliances, and even motorbikes.

5. U-Haul Utility Trailers

U-Haul utility trailers are ideal for moving landscaping equipment, garden supplies, or building materials. These trailers come in sizes ranging from 4×7 to 6×12 feet and can hold up to 1,800 pounds.

6. U-Haul Motorcycle Trailers

U-Haul motorcycle trailers are designed specifically for transporting motorcycles and other small vehicles. These trailers come in two sizes, 5×9 and 6×12 feet, and include tie-downs to secure your vehicle in transit.

7. U-Haul Car Trailers

U-Haul car trailers are ideal for transporting cars, trucks, and SUVs. These trailers come in sizes ranging from 16 to 22 feet and can hold up to 5,290 pounds.

8. U-Haul Trailer Rental Fees and Charges

In addition to the rental rate, U-Haul charges various fees and charges that can increase the overall cost of your rental. These fees may include taxes, damage waivers, environmental fees, and fuel surcharges.

9. U-Haul Trailer Rental Discounts

U-Haul offers various discounts and promotions to help you save money on your rental. These discounts may include military discounts, college student discounts, and seasonal promotions.

10. U-Haul Trailer Rental Reservations

To ensure availability and secure your preferred trailer, it’s recommended to make a reservation in advance. Reservations can be made online or by phone, and require a deposit to hold the rental. It’s important to read the terms and conditions carefully before making a reservation to understand the cancellation policy and any additional fees that may apply.

u-haul cargo trailer

Overall, U-Haul offers a range of trailer rental options at affordable prices. By understanding the pricing structure and available options, you can choose the right trailer for your needs and budget. Whether you’re moving across town or embarking on a DIY project, U-Haul can help you get the job done.

Understanding U-Haul Trailer Rental Pricing: Tips to Save Money

When it comes to moving, renting a trailer can be a cost-effective solution rather than hiring a moving company. U-Haul is one of the most popular trailer rental companies, offering a wide variety of trailers to accommodate any move. However, understanding U-Haul trailer rental pricing can be confusing, and it’s essential to know the tips and tricks to save money.

1. Rental Rates

U-Haul’s rental rates vary depending on the trailer size, the distance moved, and the duration of the rental. The rates start as low as $14.95 per day for a cargo trailer and go up to $154.95 per day for a 26′ moving truck. Additionally, U-Haul charges mileage fees, which can range from $0.59 to $0.99 per mile, depending on the trailer size and whether it’s a one-way or in-town rental.

2. One-Way vs. In-Town Rentals

U-Haul offers both one-way and in-town trailer rentals. One-way rentals are ideal for long-distance moves, while in-town rentals are suitable for short-distance moves. One-way rentals typically cost higher than in-town rentals due to the added mileage fees.

3. Trailer Size

U-Haul trailers come in various sizes, ranging from 4′ x 8′ cargo trailers to 6′ x 12′ cargo trailers to 8′ x 28′ car trailers. The larger the trailer size, the more expensive the rental rate will be. However, it’s essential to choose the right trailer size for your move to avoid having to make multiple trips and paying more in mileage fees.

4. Seasonal and Promotional Discounts

U-Haul offers various discounts throughout the year, such as summer discounts and military discounts. Additionally, they provide promotional codes that customers can use to save money on their rentals. It’s crucial to keep an eye out for these discounts to maximize your savings.

5. Rental Insurance

U-Haul offers rental insurance for an additional fee, which can provide peace of mind during the move. However, it’s essential to read the terms and conditions carefully to ensure that you’re getting the coverage you need and not paying for anything unnecessary.

6. Pickup and Drop-off Locations

U-Haul has multiple pickup and drop-off locations, which can affect the rental price. It’s essential to choose a location that’s convenient for you and is within your budget.

7. Additional Equipment and Services

U-Haul offers additional equipment and services, such as dollies, furniture pads, and packing supplies, for an extra fee. While these services can be helpful during the move, it’s important to consider the cost and whether or not they’re necessary for your move.

8. Reservations

Making a reservation in advance can ensure that you get the trailer size and pickup location that you want. Additionally, U-Haul offers a reservation guarantee, which means that if they don’t have the trailer size you reserved, they’ll provide a larger trailer at the same rate.

9. Late Fees and Returns

U-Haul charges late fees if the trailer is not returned on time, which can add up quickly. It’s essential to plan the move ahead of time and return the trailer promptly to avoid these fees.

10. Fuel Costs

U-Haul trailers must be returned with a full tank of gas, or customers will be charged for the fuel used. It’s crucial to factor in the fuel costs when budgeting for the trailer rental.

Overall, understanding U-Haul trailer rental pricing can help you save money during your move. By considering factors such as rental rates, trailer size, and additional equipment and services, you can make an informed decision and stay within your budget.

The Different Types of U-Haul Trailers Available for Rent

Once you’ve decided that a U-Haul trailer rental is the best option for your move, the next step is determining which type of trailer will best suit your needs. U-Haul offers several types of trailers, each with its own specifications and pricing. Below are five of the most popular trailer options:

Cargo trailer

U-Haul cargo trailers are perfect for moving furniture and other large items. They come in a variety of sizes and can be rented for a day or longer. The smallest cargo trailer measures 4’ x 8’ and can hold up to 1,600 pounds of cargo. The largest cargo trailer measures 6’ x 12’ and can hold up to 2,610 pounds of cargo. Prices range from $14.95 to $29.95 per day depending on the size of the trailer.

Cargo trailer

Utility trailer

A U-Haul utility trailer is perfect for hauling lawn and garden equipment, ATVs, and small vehicles. They come in several sizes, ranging from 4’x7’ to 6’x12’, and can be rented for a day or longer. Prices range from $14.95 to $29.95 per day, depending on the size of the trailer.

Utility trailer

Moving trailer

If you have a larger move such as a cross-country move, then a U-Haul moving trailer is the perfect choice. These trailers are available in 6’x12’, 5’x8’, and 4’x8’ sizes, and can hold up to 6,000 pounds of cargo. Prices range from $14.95 to $29.95 per day depending on the size of the trailer.

Moving trailer

Car trailer

For those looking to haul cars, U-Haul offers several options. The car trailer rental comes in two sizes – 6’x12’ or 5’x9’- and can accommodate most cars, trucks, and SUVs. Prices range from $59.95 to $119.95 per day, depending on the size of the trailer.

Car trailer

Motorcycle trailer

If you need to transport a motorcycle, U-Haul has a motorcycle trailer rental option. These trailers come in 3.5’x7’ and 5’x9’ sizes and can be rented for a day or longer. Prices range from $14.95 to $24.95 per day depending on the size of the trailer.

Motorcycle trailer

Type of Trailer Size Max Weight Capacity Price Per Day
Cargo Trailer 4’x8’ – 6’x12’ 1,600 – 2,610 lbs $14.95 – $29.95
Utility Trailer 4’x7’ – 6’x12’ N/A $14.95 – $29.95
Moving Trailer 4’x8’ – 6’x12’ 6,000 lbs $14.95 – $29.95
Car Trailer 5’x9’ – 6’x12’ N/A $59.95 – $119.95
Motorcycle Trailer 3.5’x7’ – 5’x9’ N/A $14.95 – $24.95

No matter what your moving needs are, U-Haul has a trailer rental option for you. By knowing the type of trailer you need and the associated pricing, you can make an informed decision and save money on your move.

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