U Haul Veteran Discount Code

U Haul Veteran Discount Code Typestrucksale.com U-Haul is one of the largest moving and storage companies in the United States, and they’re proud to support our military.

If you’re a veteran or currently serving in the military, U-Haul has a special discount code just for you. This discount can help you save money on your next move or storage rental, and it’s our way of saying thank you for your service.

In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about the U-Haul veteran discount code, including how to get it and how to use it. So, whether you’re planning a big move or simply need some extra storage space, read on to learn more about this great offer.

U Haul Veteran Discount Code

The Benefits of U Haul Veteran

U Haul Veteran Discount CodeIf you’re a veteran planning to move your household or business, you will be happy to know that U Haul offers a discount for veterans.

The U Haul veteran discount code is a valuable way to save money on moving costs that add up quickly. In this article, we will explore the numerous benefits of the U Haul veteran.

Savings on Moving Costs

U Haul Veteran Discount CodeThe U Haul veteran can save you a significant amount of money on your move. With this discount, veterans will save 10% off of their truck rental, moving supplies, and any other services they may require.

The discount applies to all U Haul locations across the United States and is available for online reservations as well.

Easy and Convenient Reservations

U Haul Veteran Discount CodeMaking a reservation for your move with U Haul is easy and convenient. You can book your reservation online, by phone, or in person at any U Haul location.

With the veteran discount code, you can take advantage of these booking methods to ensure you get the best pricing available for your move.

U Haul Veteran Discount Code – Flexibility in Moving Dates

U Haul Veteran Discount CodeMoving dates can be challenging to plan, especially for veterans who may have an unpredictable schedule.

With the U Haul veteran, you have the flexibility to change your moving date without any penalties or fees. You can also adjust the size of your truck or cancel your reservation without any charges.

Reliable Trucks and Equipment

U Haul Veteran Discount CodeU Haul is known for its reliable trucks and equipment. All U Haul trucks are regularly maintained and serviced to ensure your safety on the road.

You can also rent any additional equipment you may need for your move, such as blankets, dollies, and packing supplies, all at discounted prices with the veteran discount code.

Supports U.S. Veterans

The U Haul veteran discount code not only benefits veterans by saving them money but also supports U.S. veterans through U Haul’s veterans’ charity program. Through this program, U Haul supports veteran organizations and provides job opportunities to veterans and their families.

U Haul Veteran Discount Code – Exceptional Customer Service

U Haul Veteran Discount CodeU Haul has received numerous awards for its exceptional customer service. With the veteran discount code, you will experience the same level of excellent customer service. The U Haul team is always available to answer questions, provide advice, and offer support throughout your move.

Easy to Use Website

U Haul Veteran Discount CodeU Haul’s website is user-friendly and easy to navigate. You can make a reservation, manage your reservation, and access moving tips, all from the comfort of your home. With the veteran discount code, you can easily enter the code during the online reservation process and receive your discounted pricing.

Secure and Safe Storage Facilities

U Haul Veteran Discount CodeIf you require storage facilities during or after your move, U Haul offers secure and safe storage units. With the veteran discount code, you can also receive discounted pricing for your storage needs. U Haul’s storage facilities are equipped with security cameras and alarm systems to protect your belongings.

U Haul Veteran Discount Code – Saves More Money on Transportation

Aside from the moving truck discount, the U Haul veteran also applies to transportation. If you’re shipping your vehicle with U Haul, you can receive a 10% discount on your transportation costs.

Shipping your vehicle with U Haul is a safe and convenient way to move your car across the country.

How to Get U-Haul Veteran Discounts

If you are a veteran, you can enjoy great discounts when using U-Haul services. Here are some of the ways to get U-Haul veteran discounts.

1. Create a U-Haul Account

Creating a U-Haul account is free and easy. You can easily sign up on their website or mobile app. By creating an account, you will be able to view and track your reservations and receive notifications for discounts and promotions.

2. Use U-Haul Coupon Codes

U-Haul often releases coupon codes that you can use to get discounts on their services. You can find these coupon codes on websites such as RetailMeNot, Offers.com, and Coupons.com. Ensure that you check the validity of the coupon codes before using them.

3. Join the U-Haul Veteran Discount Program

U-Haul offers a discount program specifically designed for veterans. The program gives veterans a 10% discount on all truck and trailer rentals. To join the program, you need to provide U-Haul with your Veteran Identification Card or a DD 214 form.

4. U Haul Veteran Discount Code – Check for U-Haul Promotions

U-Haul offers promotions throughout the year. You can receive discounts on various services such as truck rentals, storage, and moving supplies. Ensure that you check their website and social media pages for any promotions that might be available.

5. Rent During the Off-season

The busiest period for U-Haul is from May to September. During this period, prices tend to be higher due to high demand. Renting during the off-season can get you better rates and save you some money.

6. Use U-Haul Discounts for Military Families

U-Haul offers discounts for military families as well. If you are a military family member, you can get a 10% discount on all truck and trailer rentals. Ensure that you have your Military ID or a Dependent ID card to qualify for the discount.

7. U Haul Veteran Discount Code – Book in Advance

Booking in advance allows you to get better rates. Booking a truck or trailer rental a few weeks before your move date can get you a better deal compared to booking a day or two before.

8. Use U-Haul Referral Program

U-Haul has a referral program that can help you earn discounts. The program offers $50 off your next rental for every friend or family member you refer to U-Haul. Ensure that you refer people who are looking for moving services.

9. Attend U-Haul Events

U-Haul is known for sponsoring events and attending trade shows throughout the year. Attending these events can give you access to exclusive discounts and promotions. Ensure that you follow U-Haul on social media to get updates on any upcoming events.

10. U Haul Veteran Discount Code – Rent from U-Haul’s Partners

U-Haul has partnered with various companies and organizations to offer discounts to their members. For instance, U-Haul offers discounts to members of AAA, AARP, and many more. Ensure that you check with your organization if they have any partnership with U-Haul that you can benefit from.

In conclusion, getting U-Haul veteran discounts is easy if you know where to look. From coupon codes, promotions, to joining the U-Haul Veteran Discount Program, there are many ways you can save money when using their services.

Ensure that you check their website regularly and follow them on social media to stay updated on any discounts or promotions available.

How to Qualify for U-Haul Veteran Discount Code

U-Haul provides a 10% discount to veterans and active duty military personnel. To qualify for the U-Haul veteran discount code, here are the simple steps to follow:

1. Create a U-Haul Account

The first thing you need to do is create an account at the U-Haul website. Go to the homepage and sign up with your email address and password. You will also need to provide your name and phone number. Once you have created an account, you will be able to log in and access the U-Haul veteran discount code.

2. Verify Your Military Status

After creating your U-Haul account, you will need to verify your military status. You can do this by uploading a photo of your DD-214 or military ID card to the U-Haul website. Once your military status is verified, you will be eligible for the U-Haul veteran discount code.

3. U Haul Veteran Discount Code – Select Your Rental Equipment

Once you have qualified for the U-Haul veteran discount code, you can start selecting the rental equipment that you need. U-Haul offers a wide variety of rental equipment, including moving trucks, trailers, and storage units. You can browse the equipment and select the ones that you need.

4. Apply the Discount Code

When you are ready to make a reservation, you can apply the U-Haul veteran discount code. The discount code will automatically apply a 10% discount to your rental equipment. You can find the discount code by logging into your U-Haul account and selecting the code from your account dashboard.

5. Check Out and Pay

After applying the discount code, you can proceed to check out and pay for your rental equipment. U-Haul accepts all major credit cards and PayPal. You will receive a confirmation email with all the details of your reservation, including the pickup location, date, and time.

If you have any questions or need assistance with the U-Haul veteran discount code, you can contact U-Haul customer support. They are available 24/7 to help you with your reservation and address any concerns you may have.

Step Action
1 Create a U-Haul Account
2 Verify Your Military Status
3 Select Your Rental Equipment
4 Apply the Discount Code
5 Check Out and Pay

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